We have provided our transport service as a follow up service since 2010. The aim of the service is to improve the living conditions of persons with disabilities. The users of the service are the clients of the daycare centre. They are transported back and forth between their homes and the daycare centre every workday. We use a car with 7 seats which can be easily converted into 5 seats with additional place for wheelchairs. The service is provided by people who have got the required qualifications and assistents who are engaged in the daycare centre.

The most significant results of the service are:

– the inclusion of new families into the work of the organisation,
– raising the level of independency in society through the available services for people with disabilities,
– contribution to the rehabilitation of the clients in order to mitigate or eliminate their isolation,
– development of independence and strengthening the capacity of clients,
– providing professional support to people with disabilities and to their families in the local community where they live,
– contribution to the achievement of equal opportunities for all citizens.

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