Time Opportunity

Program activities „Time Opportunity“ have taken place in primary and secondary schools of the town and the municipality of Bačka Topola since 2005. Through the interactive lessons we try to inform and sensitize young people in an attractive way.

The goals of the lesson are:

– to raise the awareness of the environment concerning people with disabilities,

– to get acquainted with OSI and their problems,

– to reduce prejudice through rising the degree of tolerance,

– making friends with people with disabilities,

– to introduce the rights, lives, and emotions of people with disabilities.

We would like to draw young people’s attention to the fact that by removing different barriers we can help people with disabilities to become equal members of our society.

During most of he lessons a positive atmosphere is created, students are relaxed and happy. They feel free to ask questions and have a spontaneous contact with people with disabilities. They usually want to see each other and make friends again. They also want to learn more about the life, thoughts and feelings of people with disabilities. Furthermore there are several cases in which later, the participants of the programme became volunteers of the organisation and according to their experiences that they gained here they choose vocational studies or trainings related to persons with disabilities.

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