Support for parents – psychological counselling

As part of the „Support for parents – psychological counselling“ program, H. D. Bethesda has organized interactive seminars and workshops about psychological questions for parents of the clients since 2010.  Since most parents had shown an interest in individual counselling, the organisation started an individual counselling program in 2014.

The program’s target group consists of parents of Bethesda’s clients. The daily intensive care and work with children with special needs significantly depletes the resources of the parents. The program aims to help them in taking care about their own mental health. We would also like to introduce them different techniques from the field of positive psychology that can be acquired easily in everyday life and which could help them in creating a positive image of themselves and their own life.

Through the program we help the participants to develop a sense of competence and integrity, and thus to handle the everyday stress and bear with life’s challenges easier.

The continuous realization of the psychosocial support program contributes to building up a good relationship between the families who have a member with special needs. It also helps to evolve a support system.

Through the promotion of the program we would like to sensibilize the local community to the needs of people with intellectual difficulties and disabilities, and the needs of their families and gradually increase social inclusion of these families in the local community.

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