The humanitarian organisation Bethesda has provided daycare service since 2003. During the years the service has developed continuously. Its organization, structure and working model has been changed in order to find the most suitable model for the clients and their families.

The purpose of the daycare service is to improve the quality of our clients’ life in their social environment. Our goal is to maintain and develop their social, psychological and physical functions and skills in order to enable them to live independently as much as it is possible.

The daycare service is for adults with physical or intellectual disabilities who need daily care and control, and support in maintaining and developing their skills and abilities.

The daycare service helps the clients to acquire and develop new skills. Their personal and social responsibility, independence, social, cognitive and other important functions are developed with the necessary supervision in an organized environment.

The activities in the daycare centre take place in group work and individual work forms. The groups are formed according to the age and individual abilities of clients and the social relations among them.

The activities that are carried out in the daycare centre include:
1. assistance in creating positive interpersonal relationships,
2. support in learning and development of cognitive abilities,
3. occupational activities and support,
4. activities that encourage and ensure participation in further activities of local community and contact with the members of different local institutions,
5. leisure and cultural entertainment,
6. development of communication skills,
7. development and maintenance of  physical condition and health,
8. rehabilitation activities in the field of special education rehabilitation,
9. preventive health care.

The activities at the daycare centre and the service itself are aimed at our clients’ socialization and integration. There are numerous activities that are organized in the area, outside the daycare centre.

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