Art and creative workshops

1. Literature and drama workshops

Literature and drama workshops  are regular workshops of our daily life. Through them we would like to develop our clients’ linguistic resources, expand their vocabulary, and improve the ability of expression of personal attitude. We would also like to develop the skills of free and creative communication through dramatization of fairy tales,  pantomime, role playing games, telling fairy tales, and expressing their personal experiences. We use different materials of national poetry and prose and family anecdotes. During the programs our clients are emotionally involved.


2. Music workshops

Music workshops include listening to music, singing, learning new songs, playing the piano and metallophone by using colourful notes, introducing different musical instruments and pieces of classical music, dancing, and creative craft workshops while listening to music. The goal is to develop the love of music through the clients’ intellectual, emotional and social development, furthermore to develop their creativity and imagination.

3. Art workshops

Art workshops include creative activities using various techniques such as painting, collage, sculpture, etc. in order to develop our clients’ creativity. Our goal is to give them the opportunity to experience how they can express themselvess through creating different works of art, to improve their self-expression and communications. By showing and selling their works and products, our clients are active participants of local (municipal) exhibitions, competitions and fairs.


4. Occupational workshops

Jobs that users can do in the framework of occupational therapy are related to the greenhouse and gardening, sewing and tailoring, making jewelery and different  decorative materials. According to their abilities and skills, our clients are taught to perform certain stages of production of different products. One of the most important goals of the workshops is social inclusion of persons with disabilities through teaching them to work which helps them to achieve a higher level of functioning in society.


5. Self-service workshops

The aim of these workshops is enabling the clients to acquire elementary skills of self-care and adaptive skills. We would also like to increase the clients’ level of independence in their daily activities at home or in the daycare centre.

The activities of the diagnostic and treatment service include the early diagnosis of disabilities and the estimation of the abilities and state of persons with disabilities.


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